Resale Policy of Standard Process Inc.®, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas™ and MediHerb® Products

Standard Process Inc., and its subsidiaries and affiliated entities (referred to as “Standard Process”, “we” or “us”) only sells its Products to licensed health care professionals for direct resale to their patients. Health care professionals agree to professionally promote the Products and assist their patients with information and use of the Products. Health care professionals shall sell the Products only to their patients in unit volumes appropriate for individual use only. Health care professionals and their patients are expressly prohibited from reselling the Products via any third-party-facilitated retail or auction website such as eBay,,,,, or similar websites. Standard Process reserves the right to discontinue sales of the Products to health care professionals or their patient(s) by not accepting a purchase order placed on Patient Direct by Standard Process (“Patient Direct”) or at any time and for any reason.

Why Purchase Our Supplements Through Our Clinic

Purchasing supplements can be a bit perplexing. Above all, you purchase supplements for healthful reasons and you probably expect good results, and you certainly don't want to pay more than you have to. Here's a few things you should know that will help you accomplish that!

First and foremost, we sell Standard Process and Mediherb nutritional and herbal supplements for a very good reason, which I will describe shortly. Like many products, you may find these sold on the internet. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THESE ON THE INTERNET FOR CONVENIENCE OR TO SAVE MONEY!! Please see this Notice from Standard Process about the sale and distribution of these products.

Selling Standard Process products via the Internet to the public is STRICTLY PROHIBITED for the practitioners who are licensed to carry the products. Therefore, the products available on the internet, such as Amazon, Ebay, PriceGrabber, etc. are more than likely out of date, repackaged, counterfeit products and just plain ripoffs. There is a really good reason why the black marketers try to do this - because of the reputation and quality of the authentic products.

Please see Standard Processes policy on the resale of their products to understand how important this issue really is.

As a healthcare practitioner and an individual who is passionate about accurate nutritional information and services, I stand behind these products for some very important reasons. First, they provide exceptional results! Trust me, I have tried many high quality 'clinical grade' supplements in my practice, and nothing comes close to the results and the satisfaction that my patients get from these products. Second, Standard Process is a stellar company. They have the largest purely organic farm in the nation, they have a well renowned scientific staff and state of the art laboratory facilities, they donate millions toward health and humanitarian causes and they have been a leader in whole food nutritionals for over 85 years.

When you visit a practitioner who carries Standard Process and is well trained in nutritional practices, you can be assured that you are not just receiving a multivitamin and some vague information about how it may help you. Properly identifying the specific needs of an individual is paramount to the results they will receive from an accurate nutritional program. This is another reason that purchasing random supplements that were recommended from a friend, a TV add, or an article about the benefits of x-y-z products can cause more harm than good.

An accurate nutritional diagnosis is more powerful than you can even imagine when it comes to restoring a metabolic imbalance or providing nutrients that have been lacking. Miraculous results are truly occurring all the time when accurate nutritional assessments are addressed with equally accurate restorative nutritional approaches. Remember, drugs DO NOT cure disease. They never have, never will and are not designed nor capable of such results. They treat symptoms. Nutrition and nutritional supplements also don't cure disease. But they do restore the proper metabolic balance and metabolic requirements that your body needs in order to overcome the disease it suffers from. Disease is cured all the time, but only from one direction. Bring the body back to balance. We do that through nutritional supplements and dietary management.

Lastly, the cost for our supplements are in line, if not lower than other popular nutritionals. In fact, since Standard Process creates their products from whole foods without extensive chemical formulations and modifications, the production costs are modest. Most important is the value of the results attained. When people use conventional 'over the counter' (name brand or not) supplements, they eventually find that they're not getting the results they expect, and for good reason. Therefore, not only do they not get results from the products that they expected, they are also out the money that was spent on them.

Our nutritional supplements and dietary consultations are not provided for our convenience or just for profit. This is a very important and necessary part of restoring health and we take it very seriously.

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