• Relaxation Massage - 
Sometimes called Swedish massage, this is ideal for stress relief and just to feel good about yourself. Without using a lot of pressure, this massage can help sooth and relax tired, worn out muscles and release much of that pent up energy. It has also been shown to lower blood pressure and relieve anxiety. [more]

• Therapeutic Massage - 
Therapeutic massage is ideally offered with the goal of obtaining a therapeutic benefit. While therapeutic massage is often relaxing, the end goal of the session or series of sessions is often to improve muscle function or injury recovery as part of a larger treatment plan. [more]

• Deep Tissue Massage - 
A more intense application of techniques to help relieve sore and chronically tense muscles, release trigger points and enhance circulation. This method may be coordinated with clinical recommendations, often relating to injuries or more involved muscular conditions. [more]

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