Helpful Tips for Using's Food Calculator

You can start by simply entering your search term into the widget, or go directly to the site at
This site uses the most up to date USDA SR databases. See their site for accuracy and specifics of the data.

  • Enter a food term in 'singular', i.e. enter 'egg', instead of 'eggs' or 'scrambled eggs'. Then once in the results page, you can choose from the list to make your selection. Note that the database includes all forms of a food from raw to cooked to processed versions to products in fast food and popular restaurants.
  • I primarily promote the use of this for ideal individual food items(fruits, veg's, protein sources, fats) - you will get the most accurate information.
  • Once in a results page you can choose the amount for that particular food, i.e. 1 med orange, or 1 Cup, or 100 Mg, etc. The results are instantly calculated for that amount.
  • You can see the breakdown of all nutrients available in the lower tables, or you can get a quick assessment from the handy graphics tools.
  • To get the most out of this, create a log-in ID and Password (Don't worry it's totally Free!). Then add your most frequently eaten / favorite foods to your "My Foods" tab under "MyND" on the menu bar.
  • After you enter a food, within the results box, in the upper right corner are some orange links. If it's a new food item for you, you can choose 'Add to My Foods'.
  • You can create an ongoing 'tracking' of your meal or meals for a day or as long as you keep tracking it. Just add the item (in the correct serving size) to 'Add to Tracking'. Then you can see your totals under the "My Tracking" tab under "MyND" on the menu bar.

Have fun, and don't hesitate to contact Dr. Wilson if you need a little help navigating the information.

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