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Everything! Quality care, friendly environment, and amazing results
Frank Young
Frank Young
Dr does a fantastic job!
James LaMar
James LaMar
Dr Jess is very through, she asks questions and listens to answers. She does a good job and knows her stuff!
Doctor listens to you and is very nice. Had horrible hip pain....one visit and Im feeling so much better.
Kellie Colley
Kellie Colley
amazing!! go see Dr Jess you won't regret it
Ronda Burchette
Ronda Burchette
Cheep prices.Excellent chiro...
Dave Havenhill
Dave Havenhill
Jess is the best! Thank you for taking care of me! 🤗
Grat place and the staff are wundfel
Adam McWilliams
Adam McWilliams
Dr. Wilson did a wonderful job! He took the time to listen to me and targeted specific locations. I felt immediate relief following the adjustment. Highly recommend!
Justin Dilks
Justin Dilks
one of the best chiros in town
Jessica is amazing! She’s very compassionate about her work and cares about her patients needs! Also, her hours are easy to accommodate with my schedule! My kids and I enjoy... seeing her and her puppy Javi!! Thanks for being so awesome!!!!😍😍read more
Jessica W
Jessica W
she is amazing she has helpt me a lote
Adam McWilliams
Adam McWilliams
I'm going there for acupuncture and i'm very pleased
Kevin Poulin
Kevin Poulin
I love seeing Dr. Jessica! She is really easy to reach and schedule with. She listens to concerns and targets specific areas to help treat my injuries. Has experience with... runners and cyclists so she is a perfect fit for me.read more
Jama Clark
Jama Clark
I've always been skeptical of the effectiveness of chiropractic, but after being treated by Dr. Wilson I consider myself a believer. I came in to his office experiencing painful... back problems from doing regular physical activity, and within a month of treatment there was a considerable difference in the way I felt. It's obvious from his vast knowledge that Dr. Wilson is very passionate about what he does and I would recommend him to anyone experiencing spinal discomfort.read more
Aaron Russell
Aaron Russell
Dr. Jess take great honest care of her patients
Eric Johnstone
Eric Johnstone
Very professional and clean. I would recommend give Dr.Jess a try.
quad city
quad city
Madison Fiorato
Madison Fiorato
Love the roller.massage table, could stay there all day.... she does acupuncture as well!
Very convenient for when in need her to adjust me.
Dan Barry
Dan Barry
Dr.Jessie...has the right moves. Takes care of my problems everytime. A great person at her work and life.
Vickie Martzahn
Vickie Martzahn
Love using the massage bed, and always feel rejuvenated after getting adjusted.
  • Both of my young children (ages 1 yr and 4 yrs) come to see Dr. Wilson on a regular basis. They both have been visiting the chiropractor since shortly after birth, and have been seen by Dr. Wilson since we moved to Galesburg a few years ago. I'm not necessarily a "crunchy" parent, but we do try to use other methods of wellness and health rather than running to the medical doctor for every problem. Dr. Wilson and the staff at [previous office] Chiropractic help us to continue that path of wellness. We are rarely sick in our house, but do get the occasional cold and when someone is not feeling good, we know to come in to the chiropractor first.

    The staff are great with my kids, since they both like to run around while mommy gets adjusted. They are kind when I need to cancel last minute, and work hard to get me in the same day if needed.

    Dr. Wilson has also been able to help me with my headaches and backaches (that I blame on my kids) and my feet problems. I have a couple of very tight, hard to adjust spots in my back and neck, but Dr. Wilson always makes sure to adjust them while I am there. I can definitely tell when I need to get in to see him because I will start to get headaches and a twinge when I pick up one child. Walking is sometimes painful for me, but it has been getting progressively better and less frequent with Dr. Wilson adjusting my feet and ankles as well during visits.

    I am so thankful that we found Dr. Wilson and his office when we moved here. They are allowing our family to stay healthy and happy.

Leah Koch March 2015

  • The [Standard Process 21 Day] Cleanse was the best cleanse I've ever experienced. I thought I would miss meat the first ten days terribly. Instead, I learned that meat does not need to be the center of my meal. Two months lager, we still look at what veggies we are going to have and add meat or fish if we feel like it. After the cleanse ended the flexibility of food choices increased but most days 2 shakes and a salad for dinner does the job. I feel great those days and that encourages me to continue eating this cleaner lifestyle. It was very helpful to follow the cleanse with my husband. I would recommend having a buddy system for moral support and ease of meal planning.

Kerry September 2014

  • I never knew Dr. Wilson before, but I'm sure glad I got to meet him. I had a tooth pulled this fall, also a TMJ [jaw pain] problem and didn't know who to turn to for help. My friend told me to go see Dr. Wilson. My friend had the same thing - TMJ. So I went to see Dr. Wilson and in about 3 weeks he got my jaw back to normal. Then Dr. Wilson got me started on some supplements because I had a lot of indigestion and stomach problems. In a few weeks I was eating lots of things I hadn't eaten for years, also I don't take antacid pills anymore. I feel good and have my energy back again. I can't say enough of good things about Dr. Jeff Wilson. I recommend him to everyone.

Ina McKie December 2013

  • With [their supplements from] Standard Process, I 'just feel better.' I don't 'drag' through my work day and I still feel 'energized' at the end of the day. I sleep well at night and feel ready to take on the physical and mental challenge of the next day! Additionally, my 25 year old daughter who never took vitamins, makes sure she has plenty of these supplements on hand as she enjoys the feeling of well being she has while taking the supplements.

Cheryl July 2013

  • I've been a chiropractic patient of Dr. Wilson’s for several years. We have discussed The Standard Process supplements that he offers at his practice, but I always thought I ate decent and didn't need to take supplements. Almost 3 months ago I realized I was reaching for antacids & acid reducers on a regular basis, as in almost daily, even multiple times during the day. I knew it was time to get serious, especially when drinking a glass of water bothered me. I used to dread meal times since I was either limited to what wouldn't trigger my symptoms or I would eat whatever I felt like and then be miserable. Since I've started the supplements that Dr. Wilson has recommended I have been almost completely symptom free. Sure there are the occasional flare-ups, but it’s usually after a larger meal. I've also started making healthier choices as to what I eat, it’s been easier than I anticipated. I haven’t given up any of the foods I love, plus I've added other foods into my diet I thought I couldn't eat or haven’t eaten in years because of how they made me feel afterwards. I just thought my digestive issues were normal and part of the aging process. It’s NOT. I know this sounds like a cliche, but taking the supplements that Dr. Wilson recommended, has really made a difference in my life. I would NEVER tell him this, but I actually look forward to taking them. It’s great to enjoy meals again. Many Thanks Doc!

Sue C. June 2013

  • It all started on Friday, Dec. 28th, 2012. I woke up in so much pain that with every movement I was vomiting. I went to my PCP and of course I got pain med's and muscle relaxers. That went on for a few days and still not any better. Then I was scheduled to see a pain management doctor to have injections done. Before I was able to see him I was in so much pain I went to the E.R.. I already had an MRI done and that's when I was told I had 5 herniated discs in my neck. So as normal I got more and higher doses of pain med's. I think I should not have been able to function with all the medication. So after the injections and seeing 2 surgeons, both wanted to wait to do surgery. Finally, after 5-6 months of the most unbearable pain, I had enough. I looked through the phone book under chiropractors and found "Pain Relief". That's all I was looking for was relief. I was able to get in the next day and after about a week I was walking and playing with my daughter, just enjoying the outside. After the first treatment, over the weekend I stopped all medications and was just taking 2 Aleve. Dr. Wilson is amazing. He gave me my life back and for that I will be ever grateful. Thank you Dr. Wilson!

Melissa June 2013

  • My 2 year old son has greatly benefited from chiropractic care. I can tell when he doesn't feel right or acting like himself and my first choice is to the less invasive chiropractic care rather than a medical doctor. There is a time and place for medications, but the body has to first be working in good condition before anything else will help. When my son was learning to walk he took a lot of spills; falling down, running into things. Dr. Wilson was able to adjust him and make sure that even after a tough tumble, everything was aligned and in working order so that nothing hinders my son's growing and movement. My son has been sick recently . We took him to Dr. Wilson because he had a persistent cough that continued even after he started to feel better. Dr Wilson adjusted him on a Wednesday and by that night I heard him coughing less. We returned that Friday for a follow-up and the cough was almost completely gone by then. I believe that everyone - young and old alike - can benefit from chiropractic care. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson as a first choice in taking care you you health and wellness.

Leah February 2013

  • I had been suffering from extreme dizziness and nausea for two months. I had also been nursing a pinched nerve in my arm for one month. After my first session, I had no more trouble with the pinched nerve - the tingling and numbness were gone. After the second session with Dr. Wilson, my dizziness and nausea disappeared. I also had more mobility in my neck. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson for chiropractic care!

Laurie October 2012

  • I came in with sever and constant low back pain and throbbing pain into my leg. It was very difficult to lay down and try to sleep without my leg aching. I came to see Dr. Wilson and not sure if I was going to get relief this time. After he adjusted me, I got up and had very little pain! I was able to walk without my leg hurting! I sat in the waiting room talking to my friend on the phone, saying how I was just relieved of all my pain!

Terry Haywood June 2011

  • After a hard fall 22 months ago, dislocating my right shoulder and eventually damaging my right hip, I was barely able to hobble into Dr. Jeff Wilson's office. In addition to the crippling of my right shoulder and right hip, I had developed lymphodema in the same leg. Both shoulders, neck and spine had also deteriorated causing extreme pain at every move. I could barely walk at all, could not carry 5 lbs; it was nearly impossible to get out of a chair. Sleep was a thing of the past because the pain was non-stop, night and day. I had become weak and pale and literally was "losing my grip." Medical doctors suggested immediate hip replacement, cajoling me that without it I was doomed to extreme pain and disability. When I replied that I would like to try alternatives first, I was told to "find another doctor". And so I did. And thank God! The doctor I found was Jeffery Wilson, DC. After a very detailed and careful examination, I had my first adjustment. Even in the condition I was in, there was a slight improvement that very first day. Without exception, every adjustment since then has been producing marked improvement. To date I have had 9 adjustments and can walk much better with far less pain - sometimes even pain free. Although there is still a good distance to go due to the extreme damage and condition I arrived in, several times I have been able to walk to my car pleased to tell the world what marvels and miracles he has done for me in a very short time. I believe I will be back to my normal pace, the one I was living before the fall. I realize I have a distance to go but I am also aware that I have a doctor who can help me get there. I have complete confidence he will take me full circle in this recovery.

Janice Enderline April 2010

  • I have had lower back problems for years due to injury from work related [injury] back in the 1980's. Over the years, I have been to several chiropractors in the Galesburg area, and a few out of the area. The very first time I went to Pain Relief Chiropractic, Jeff listened to me, took the time to really want to know where my pain was, no other chiropractor was concerned as him, (Jeff). Anyway, the very first time he adjusted me, I felt freedom from pain. It took a couple of times but it was well worth it. He explained to me since I have cleaning jobs, how to walk with a vacuum, not motion back and forth with arm and hips - that's a no no, and it works, trust me. I also do hair for a living, and standing on your feet in one spot day after day, catches up with you as well. To sum it up, Jeff Wilson is the best chiropractor in this area, and I swear by him. I've recommended him to several of my friends as well as clients. He really does care about the person that he takes care of. All I can say is "thank you Jeff."

Dawn Spencer November 2009

  • Having never been to a chiropractor before I was a little apprehensive. I was put at ease with the video I was shown. Then Dr. Wilson explained it even further and then took x-rays before doing anything. Before I first came in I had to back up to a wall and press against it to straighten up. Within the first week [of care] I was able to transition from a sitting to standing position normally. By the end of the first month my lower back had improved to the point that I began to notice that my mid and upper spine were also bothering me. Now I realize how much more involved my problem was. I am extremely satisfied with the care I have received and have and will continue to recommend the Pain Relief Chiropractic Clinic.

John Collins April 2009

  • I suffered from upper back pain for over 8 years. I went to many medical doctors and had a lot of testing done. I even spent time at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. I did not even consider chiropractic until late last year. The pain had become so bad it was affecting everything in my life. I am a mail carrier and experienced pain every day. I also love quilting, but sitting at a sewing machine had become so painful that I was not able to enjoy my hobby. December 2008 I made an appointment with Dr. Wilson. I was very skeptical that he would be able to help me. I remained that way during the first part of my treatments. Dr. Wilson patiently explained to me that it would take time, but that it would get better. Almost three months have passed and the change has been remarkable! I have no pain. I is GREAT! So don't be stubborn like I was and suffer when you can get help. Dr. Wilson and his staff are wonderful. Let them improve your life too!

Susie Carson 2009

  • "I have been seeing Dr. Wilson for awhile. I mentioned to him about my [10 yr. old] daughter's headaches and he told me he thought he could help. My daughter would come home from school last year frequently with headaches. They were so bad she would just lay on the couch and cry. We went to her physician and to the eye doctor to rule out any problems. She was nervous the first time we went but Dr. Wilson made her totally at ease. The first week we went, she went 3 times, then we gradually decreased her visits to where now she is going once every 2 weeks. AND.... NO HEADACHES!! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have her come home happy, with no pain! He is extremely gentle with her and now she actually looks forward to the visits! We both adore Dr. Wilson and his whole staff. They go out of their way to accommodate your schedule and they make you feel welcome and right at home as soon as you walk in the door. I, personally, have never had better care and I will always recommend Dr. Wilson to anyone looking for a chiropractor."

Terri McCrery October, 2008

  • "On July 26, 2008, I could hardly walk to the barn to let the sheep out because of excruciating pain. That day I sat in a recliner alternating hot and cold to my back. Something had to be done! E.H., my friend, had been helped as had my granddaughter, D.G.. Pain Relief Chiropractic Center came highly recommended by both. I called, never believing that I would get in the same day. X-rays were taken and thoroughly explained on the next visit as well as nutritional needs. I found Dr. Jeffery Wilson a very kind, caring individual and he and his office wanting to help you. His treatments restored my life physically: I am now able to work. I can walk, even upstairs. And emotionally: without pain, I am able to cope with life's problems much better. I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR WHAT DR. WILSON HAS DONE FOR ME."

Jane Ann September, 2008

  • "I suffered an injury to my right shoulder on a construction site in 1996. I had gone to many doctors, therapists, shock treatment, massage and I don't recall what else except cortisone shots. However nothing seemed to help the shoulder. I therefore resigned myself that it was something I would just have to deal with the rest of my life. There was an ad for a chiropractor and I thought why not. I made an appointment with Dr. Wilson and explained the injury to him. After several appointments I noticed the range of motion had come back as well as the absence of the sharp pain that had accompanied certain motions. After dealing with the problems of my shoulder for 12 years and suddenly having no problems makes me wish I had met with Dr. Wilson years ago. Maybe it is not a miracle but it sure is close."

Michael Hidden June 2008

  • "A few years ago, I was experiencing pain and discomfort in my right shoulder. I consulted my primary physician who recommended that I have physical therapy, which I did. After the therapy, I still at times felt uncomfortable, but also not able to play golf, unable to lift my arm above my head, unable to sleep on my right side, and unable to do many of the activities I had always enjoyed doing. At that time, I decided to see an orthopedic physician. He did an MRI and suggested that it was probable that I was a candidate for shoulder surgery. That was not what I wanted to hear! I had been hearing about Dr. Wilson of Pain Relief Chiropractic and decided that instead of surgery, I would consult with him. We met, and he was confident that he could help relieve my pain and discomfort. He did just that. After just the first adjustment, it was much better, and with his remarkable knowledge of finding 'just the right spot', which has always amazed me, I am now able to raise my arm, play golf, and enjoy anything I feel like doing. I ask him so many times, 'How do you know just where it hurts?' He always smiles and says, 'That's what I've been trained to do.' I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Wilson, and would recommend him to anyone needing relief from pain, and I have done so. He saved me from having unnecessary surgery and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you, Dr. Wilson."

Jeanie Johnson June 28, 2008

  • "My name is Erv Beckner. I have been an auto technician for nearly twenty years. I have taught all of my customers, the importance of preventive maintenance to their automobiles. Just some simple check ups can prevent costly repairs in the coming years. The one thing that I had over looked is preventive maintenance to my own body. Bending over car fenders and lifting heavy parts took a huge toll on my lower back. A few months ago, I ruptured a disc in my lower back. My first attempt was to get help from our local medical doctors. Several types of pain medications were prescribed to me. After seeming endless visits and medications, I was still in chronic pain. I couldn't sit up, walk, or even sleep without extreme pain. According to the doctors, the only choice that I had was an operation. They told me that even with an operation the pain might still be there. I met Dr. Wilson on one of our [networking] meetings. While at the meetings, I heard positive testimonials from other members. I spoke to Dr. Wilson and explained my conditions. He was confident that he could help lower my pain level and repair the damage that had been done to my lower back. I was optimistic about if a chiropractor could actually help my condition, after being told from medical doctors that my only chance would be an operation. I went ahead and visited Pain Relief Chiropractic Center, where Dr. Wilson took x-rays, examined my lower back and then began treatment. I instantly noticed a vast change in the level of pain. After only a series of visits, my lower back pain is nearly gone. I'm back to my daily duties at work, and sleep perfectly every night. All of my customers, friends, and family are so surprised how much of a change Dr. Wilson has made for me. I will always be loyal to Dr. Wilson and would recommend him to anyone with any type of lower back pain, and just plain preventative maintenance for their future health."

Erv Beckner, 12-03

  • "I have had pain in my neck for almost ten years from a previous injury. I went to my physician and was given pain killers and told to go to therapy. This really didn’t help much. Therapy would help for a day or two then the pain would increase and I never reached much mobility at all. Coming to see Dr. Wilson has given me relief from constant pain and I can turn my head again! My children also come to Dr. Wilson to be adjusted. Both rarely have earaches or sore throats anymore since coming to Dr. Pain Relief Chiropractic. One time, my daughter, age 9, had extreme pain from constipation. Within five minutes of being adjusted, she had relief from both the pain and constipation. My son, age 6, is definitely all boy! He has had many injuries from his knees to his neck. He will come to me and say 'Mom, I need to go to Dr. Wilson’s.' he always feels better afterwards."

Beth, 1-19-08

  • "I am a mother of 2, a 5 year old and 9 month old. I took my 5 year old to see Dr. Wilson for ear problems and allergies. He worked on her and was very gentle and kind. I then took my 5 year old to the pediatrician to have a check up and she said that her ears were great and that she was very healthy. I have her to Pain Relief Chiropractic on a monthly basis for an adjustment and she hasn’t had any ear problems since. When my baby was born, I also took her to Pain Relief Chiropractic and had the same wonderful treatment on her. When she goes to her pediatrician checkups, I have never had any problems with her health at all. In fact the doctor said that her ears were the clearest she had ever seen! I cannot express enough how wonderful I think Pain Relief Chiropractic is! Dr. Wilson is very good with children and takes his time when working with them."

Holly Campbell, 1-14-08

  • "I have been taking chiropractic treatments since 1960. Have had two other doctors previous to Dr. Wilson. Have always been more than pleased with his procedures, his advice on other health issues have also been more than adequate. The office staff are the greatest." Jerome Shupe, 2-8-08 "Just wanted everyone to know how pleased I am with the expert service from Dr. Jeff Wilson and his staff. Dr. Jeff has gotten me through so much. I was a non-believer in chiropractic care and have been completely converted after being convinced to give Dr. Jeff a try. It's Dr. Jeff and his knowledge and treatment that has me healthy and keeps me pain free without medication. You want to see Dr. Jeff with any problems you may be having 'you won't be disappointed'."

Kathey Walker, 2-6-08

  • "Near the end of June of 2007, I had visited a hospital emergency room and was using a walker because of an extremely painful sciatica problem. After being referred by two friends, I visited Dr. Wilson and was immediately impressed by the time and attention he gave, but better yet, he solved the problem. I couldn't even sleep flat in my bed because of the pain, so had to rent a hospital bed for three weeks. I began to improve right away - my first visit was the last time I had to use a walker. Last summer I also fell about four times because of my weak leg and his treatment kept me healthy. I continue to appreciate my visits to Dr. Wilson for my overall health and well-being."

Caroline Porter, 3-8-08

  • “At first, I was afraid to take my 2 yr. old daughter to a chiropractor. But what I found was that Dr. Wilson was very gentle with her and he kept her from needing tubes in her ears. He even helped relieve some bowel trouble she was having. I am now a firm believer in chiropractic care for the entire family.”

Marilyn Blucker

  • "My name is Jane Burgland, and I have suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome, since I was 20 years old. Restless Leg Syndrome, is a condition that causes the patient to have an irresistible urge to move their extremities while at rest. I also suffer from extreme muscle spasms of my lower lumbar region while at rest. Many doctors have treated me for the last 30 years for this syndrome. I have been on many different medications, with a continual effort to find relief. This disease can progressively get worse with age, causing the sumptoms to become more intense. I will always suffer from this, but with continual research and a vast amount of different medications, which have to be changed periodically to prevent immunity to the drug over a period of time, it is treatable. The muscle spasms have also become more intense over the years, resulting in many restless nights and many hours of no sleep and trying to obtain comfort by mechanical devices and using a hot tub to help relax the lower back muscles. Because of the intensity of the muscle spasms at night, the muscles in my lower back were very tender in the daytime. I was increasingly being more uncomfortable not only in the nightime hours but also during the day. It was difficult to garden and work in my yard or to do daytime activities that required a lot of use of the lower back. I had never gone to a chiropractor before but visited with a friend that informed me that she was working at a local chiropractor's office and she offered to send me some information. I had never been reluctant about receiving treatment by a chiropractor; it just had never been a consideration. The clinic, under the care of Dr. Wilson has taught me how to better strengthen my lower back muscles and upper body with toning and strengthening exercises. This is an ongoing process, which requires a lot of discipline on my part. I do know over the last 2 years, I have acquired relief from some of the muscular tightness during the day in the lower back and overall body. With their expertise and knowledge of the kinds of exercises to help strengthen the muscles, they have taught me to do floor exercises and to stretch and condition muscles that I have not kept in tone for a number of years. I will never totally be free of the condition, of Restless Leg Syndrome, but I do know that [Dr. Wilson] has been a valuable tool in keeping me more comfortable mentally and physically in teaching me about the value of exercise and a healthy diet. We as Americans are guilty of being on the run, and not eating healthy, which contributes to our overall well being. I will continue to be a patient of the clinic, because I know they are as much a part of my overall health and well being as my clinical physicians, in treating this syndrome."

Jane Burgland

  • "About a year ago, after develpoing nearly-constant, excruciating pain in my left shoulder and upper back, my initial attempt at relief with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication was unsuccessful. Although I had found some relief from a past injury with prescription medication, this time the nature and intensity of the pain was such that I decided to try non-chemical relief through chiropracitc services. I had not utilized chiropractic services since my generally satisfactory experiences decades ago as a young adult, and I was hopeful with this injury that chiropractic would provide more lasting improvement as well as possibly preventive benefits. After evaluation and the initiation of intensive treatment, the pain gradually subsided, and the frequency of treatment has been reduced from several times weekly to once monthyly. At this point, I have been free of the shoulder and upper back pain for several months and have chosen to continue monthly chiropractic treatments in conjunction with my normal daily exercise routine. I am very pleased with the results and remain very hopeful that the likelihood of a recurrence has been reduced by the effectiveness of chiropractic services."

Alan Gaus

  • "After falling backwards out of my chair at work, I was in pain. Lots of pain! I landed on my back hitting my right shoulder and hip on the concrete floor. I have respect for my medical doctor and after x-rays showed no broken bones, I was at a stand still. What was I to do? I hurt! Then I remembered a chance visit at my work place by this young man who introduced himself as Dr. Wilson. We had a pleasant conversation and I was impressed with the straight forward approach to his profession, chiropractic care. I thought I will call him and maybe he can help me. Help me, yes, he certainly did! That was October 2002. I'm at the maintenance level now and more important-pain free. Thank you for making a difference in my life."

Peggy Lotspeich

  • "Dear Dr. Wilson: I have to admit that when I came to see you I was very much a skeptic about Chiropractic treatment. A co-worker who has gotten treatment and even avoided surgery on his shoulder had encouraged me. I was guilty, as so may I believe, of diagnosing my pain as old age or arthritis. I am very pleased to share I have had great results and am pain free on my shoulder. Now I am so confident that we are going to start working on my knee. I am a very active person. Now I will seek your help to stay as active without the discomfort of pain. Thank you for being there for me. Hope this helps others to believe in Chiropractic treatment too. Sincerely, Kathy" "My name is Julie Van Fleet. I am -- years old. I went to Dr. Wilson last year in July with extreme talilbone pain. I had already had x-rays, bone acans, and cortisone shots to determine the problem and relieve pain, with no success. I went to Dr. Wilson, desperate and asking for help. He first x-rayed my tailbone area. He then determined on my spine several problem areas. In one area, was a minor bone spur, and another area was a slight problem in spacing between vertebraes. We started out with adjustments and therapy treatments 3x's a week. At some point, I seemed to get relief. I now go once a month, for continued rechecks and just get adjustments. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be pain free again!!"

Julie Van Fleet

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